Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Release * Book Three of The Ivy Chronicles

Keep Searching, Searching
Book three of The Ivy Chronicles

Hit this morning!  Wonderful tale, continues the story and no Vamps!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

“Keep Searching, Searching”  : by C.R. Cummings
The Ivy Chronicles - 3

Life is pretty awesome for Ivy Glenwood now.   She has gotten away from her abusive mother, her Grand-dad has returned and she’s found some genuine friends.  Living in the hemlock forest with a bunch of hottie druids and her best friend Margo, she is learning that being a fey with cool powers is not half bad. 

That is until the fey Elders have to mess everything up.  They demand that Ivy attend school in the fey realm to become a ‘proper’ fey; while Zack’s dad wants him to join the battle against the Eilibears. 

Nothing is ever as it seems and evil doesn’t always hide in the heart of darkness, as they both discover. 

This is the third book in The Ivy Chronicles.  

Meet Ivy for the first time in “Run, Run, Run Away - The Ivy Chronicles 1”.  The tale expands in “The Hemlock Forest - The Ivy Chronicles 2”  and now C.R. Cummings latest book in the series ,“Keep Searching, Searching - The Ivy Chronicles 3”,   gives us more of Ivy’s adventures, with the dread-lock sporting hunk, Zack, and her closest friend, Margo, by her side.

Look for the newest book by C.R. Cummings coming May 15, 2012 on