Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pick a Cover ! I can't decide which cover I like more...or better yet which one grabs readers eyes more.

 Help Please?!!!
And tell me why you like which one.

There is a third cover that is still being worked on. It is the forest with a girl standing in it looking up at the trees.

Friday, April 20, 2012

New Release "The Hemlock Forest"

"The Hemlock Forest"
         by C.R. Cummings

How does a wife and mother deal with raising her own unstable child, as well as an orphaned fairy, and at the same time hide her special power of knowing the future?  Elisa is doing the best she can, although keeping a foot in both worlds is precarious at best.  Moving from place to place in order to keep the humans from finding out is hard on her, as is having to deal with the children not aging...while time moves on for her and her man.  The forest is the safest place for the family, although they cannot remain there for long.

"The Hemlock Forest" is the prequel to "Run, Run, Run Away".  It tells the story from Elisa's point of view, living in the human world, though shifted into a fey by the unwitting willow.  No one knows, not even her husband, that she is a Scry...and she needs to keep it that way.

Coming to April 21, 2012